Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Exercise 9

I have been to Croatia twice. I first went there when I was eight years old. My father, my cousin, my aunt and Nevel went there by car. We went again last summer, by car. We had sooooooo mutch fun. We went swimming and we also got tanned. It was 38 degrees! After long-long sunbathing, I got sunburned. But still, it was the coolest trip I never had.

Last summer I went to Germany with my father and my cousin. We went there by car. We visited Fantasialand and after that we ate spaghetties in Netherlands restaurant. In Germany we also went shopping, but I only brought some gifts for my friends and of course- some ice cream. :)

Last winter I went in Egypt. I went there with my father and with and my granny. We went there by plane. In the morning we had breakfast and then we got to the beach. We went swimming and sunbathing. After long burning in the sun we went back to the hotel, we had lunch and then we slept for 3 hours. If we woke up then we went shopping in Naama Bay or in Old Sharm. They are the biggest bazaars in Sharm el Shake. We also saw the great sphinx and also Giza pyramids. I think this trip was absolutely great!

I have been to France once. I went there if I was 8 years old. I went there with my uncle. We visited Louvre and also the Eiffel Tower (what was sooooooo high). We also went shopping :)

I also have been to Finland 5 or 6 times. I visited Puuhamaa, Serena, Rovaniemi and the other famous places in Finland. I even made pictures with Santa. I think that you are not very surprised if I say, that we went shopping in Idakeskus :)

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